Little Chief Big Cash Video Slot

History of gaming machines and devices - is the history of human passion, which began long before the slot machines and devices have migrated online. Back in 1884 the American Charles Fay gathered in the garage his first slot machine (machine or apparatus), giving it a grandiose name «Liberty Bell». His invention gained widespread popularity among the local drinking establishments, so Fay the posed issue of slot machines on the flow by opening his factory. Further spread of gaming machines occurred in a geometric progression, despite tensions with the law. Chicago, California, Las Vegas, United Kingdom, Australia, and dozens of other cities and countries with the inspiration adapted the idea of a profitable business under the local mores.

In place of slot machines in 1891 came the poker machines. Their authorship, too, belongs to Charles Fay, for whose ideas relentlessly hunted competitors. Inventor tried to keep his device in a secret but his secrets to the early 90's were no longer secrets, and began mass production of "one-armed bandits". Around the same time, the game industry began to have trouble with the law because the owners of the machines and the players did not pay taxes. For some time they had to replace the money winnings in the form of candy, chewing gum, cigarettes, fruit.

The authorities (out of their budget there was a big flow of money), however, tightened the rules, they even made the destruction of slot machines in the factories and warehouses. In different cities people in different ways coped with limitations of authorities: in California slot machines have been converted into trading, in the UK machines were used to sell fruit (they were called fruit machine). Boldest were the players in Las Vegas, where slot machines have appeared in 40es. It is here that the game industry has reached its dizzying climax: in the late 80s - early 90s of XX century slot machines brought to casino owners over 2 / 3 of all profits from their institutions.

Today Las Vegas is still considered to be the capital of the gaming industry, sharing the championship with the Melbourne (Australia). As for the video slots, all sorts of online casinos, online poker tables, and roulette -their history began around the same time with the history of the Internet itself. The first casino appeared in 1994. Further, since 1997, the virtual gaming portals were opened one after another. But that's another story that has much less romance, that was breathed by semi-legal poker tables, but the excitement and the players' interest in a whole year after year does not decrease. Now at the age of information technologies we have a lot of opportunities for playing on the Internet. There are a lot of online casinos that offer all types of video slots. By the way, on sites of such casinos you can find description of the game and can try to play it without registration in demo-version. Law has not get touched the online casinos so you have full freedom for playing them.